3d archery game-Arrow 3D - Archery Games

3d archery game-Arrow 3D - Archery Games

Version: 1.17

adout 3d archery game-Arrow 3D - Archery Games

Version 1.17

introduction 3d archery game-Arrow 3D - Archery Games

3d archery game Arrow 3D - Archery Games is an Archery game with lots of amazing shooting options in a magical land. Take out your bow and arrow to shoot the enemies to start your adventure journey!
Your objective is to rescue the princess from the enemies. There are different tasks in each level like rescue the princess, save the prisoners, kill the monsters in the boss stage. You have to be an expert archer to win the level. Use your power-ups and special arrows to win the battle. Use ice arrow to freeze the enemy and use the bomb arrow to blast the gang of enemies. Unlock the whistle arrow to kill the gang in one shot. Be fast and alert as the enemy strike backs when you miss the arrow shot. Master your shooting skills and become the Archer! Become a shooter & kill the monsters.

Arrow 3D - Archery Games Main features:-

• HD Graphics & beautiful environments.
*300+ exciting levels with different shooter tasks.
*Become a perfect archer with your shooting skills.
*20+ power-up bow and arrows and special arrow for bonus levels.
* Free game to play.
*Different archer style bow and arrows to unlock during game play.
*Special bonus levels to have fun with easy play.

Arrow 3D - Archery games is recommended to all kind of ages. Download now and enjoy your Fun game play. Play your new game and start your archer adventure now!

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3d archery game Description

Download Arrow 3D - Archery Games 1.17 MOD APK for Android, com.mtsfreegames.arrow.archery.arrowgames

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3d archery game Arrow 3D - Archery Games

  • Version:1.17 _ Size:93.7MB
  • Category:Action _ Publisher:MTS Free Games
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:13/07/2022
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